Starforged Insignia Aquilon Imperium of Man Warhammer Imperial Aquila Ring Silver

  • $99.00

Customer Reviews

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Great craftsmanship

Love the ring. All of the engraving is excellent. Given the weight, quality of craftsmanship and material, the price is pretty good. Accidentally ordered the wrong size, but sits well with a bit of padding. Might consider ordering the right size sometime in the future because I like it so much.

A Canadian Dad
Helpful customer support. Great ring.

I ordered this ring for an anniversary present. When I got the delivery ETA I contacted customer support at starforged because I needed it sooner than they projected it would arrive. They answered promptly and asked for a different shipping address so that they could get it there faster. (Something to do with postal addresses and residential addresses or something). They made the changes to shipping at no cost to me and got it here on the exact day I asked. Absolutely phenomenal. The ring itself was the exact size I ordered, fits and feels perfect, and looks gorgeous. I would recommend this highly. It's subtle from afar, but awesome up close. Good for every day wearing. So cool.

Brian B.
Wonderful find!

Nice solid piece of jewelry. Excellent Warhammer theme with great details. Very happy!

Matt Hall

Good quality and good shipping

Jose De Leon
Very happy with this purchase!

The ring has good weight. Feeling the inner ring slide into place is smooth and comfortable.

Holding it in your hand, you can appreciate the simple details keeping the ring sleek yet still Warhammer! They updated the packaging too which is a wonderful plus!