About Us

Starforged is a subsidiary brand of Milkyway Works. We have been engaged in the design and production of fashion accessories for over a decade. Our idea is to bring the goodies from fantasy (fantasy-but-also-scientific ones included) artwork to reality. Like, we all seen them before, the badges, the parchments, the sigils and symbols... We love them, and now we are making them, simple as. From our foundries in Chongqing, China, the Starforged made high-quality and finely detailed metalworks. All of our products are metallic – or mainly metallic in case of some – as the word ‘forged’ in our name suggested. We offer a large categories of merchandise, include but not limited to Pins, Badges, Pendant, Keychain, Ring and Collectible Coins. We work with entertainment brands like Games Workshop, while running the original brand of our own. Our range is ever expanding as we speak. We sell directly to our consumers on Chinese eCommercial platform Taobao, and have many operating retail channels. Beyond that, we are open to all possibilities of business cooperation, should you wish to work with us, do contact us via Email. Whether you wish to make your brand’s properties materialised from virtual concept, or wish to join us as a retailer, just mail us, and the talk can then begin.