Starforged Dune II Fremen Survival Backpack Fremkit & Muad'Dib Set Fashion Outdoor Expansion Pack Other

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Absolutely utterly AWESOME

THAT IS BY FAR THE MOST UNIQUE HIGH QUALITY AND SPECIAL THING I'VE EVER BOUGHT FOR MYSELF, ever bought online, and ever even imagined I'd have!!! regardless of how cool the fact that it's a Dune merchandise..
Clearly you thought of every little detail through .. well done! Worth every penny!
I'm in such awe.. I still can't even speak about it properly for how excited I am about it..
But i will try:
The bag itself is like a small backpack-suitcase. It has many small to large cells, in it. Inside separation is possible if one wants or just a big cell. The outside additional rounded bag that can be attached to the main bag is super cool.
All the zippers, the strings, the plastic, the fabric, the scotch.. everything is so high quality, and feels and looks so very luxury.
It has many hidden fun cells.
I am a small person so I would love if the main strap could go smaller.. it's not tight enough around my body, but this is such a fine product that I don't care!
It was perfectly wrapped. And very quickly arrived once sent.
And the muad'dib... Oh god. Also so high quality and sweet!!!! Perfectly made. It might be my favorite part of it all..
Can't wait to use it all ready!!!