Starforged Purity Seals Warhammer 40K New 2023 Fashion Men's accessories Imperial Fist & Space Wolf Brooch

  • $26.90

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Very good, But...

The product have a grat quality but the leather is a little wrinkled and the letters are blurry.

Also the letters are blue NOT black and can barely be read

Tau Maxim
Good product, shame for the small text

I'd gladly pay $50 for this product if it meant a bit larger text. As it stands right now, you really have to get your face into it to read what it says on the strip. The best size for text on this material would be the same size the "Never forget ..." bit is written in. Imperial high gothic style does little to alleviate the blurred effect the text has

Joseph Baner
Can't read the text

The pin is absolutely fantastic however the text isn't actually black but, is blue and can barely (if at all) be read.

Better then ever

The new seals are awesome. Now they come with pins's, stickers and a patch side so you can decide however you want to attach it! The packaging has improved too, too keep the banner from folding and getting edges, its now rolled in. Quality is as usual very good! Please keep it up this way!

Wolfgang wise
Absolutely awesome

Have always wanted some seals will definitely be getting some more